28 August, 2015

Modern Coastal Living


Chilling on the weekend!

Chic coastal living.

Loving this bright, light filled, airy space .... and what an outlook!
This open plan living, dining space is a lovely example of what I'd call
modern, coastal elegance.
I really like the natural inspired colour palette in tan, blue, caramel and white ~
it's warm and uplifting.
I have noticed tan has made a real comeback in interiors and
 I think it works particularly well in leather.
I love the vintage look leather occasional chair in the lounge and the retro style dining chairs -
both very different but they tie the two areas together.

Melissah xox

Images via Williams Sonoma furniture moodboard by Coastal Style | fashion by Michelled 2711

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27 August, 2015

Hamptons Style - Chic in Blue

Set sail and take your colour cue from ocean inspired living.

Ultra polished, navy is the prefect colour for creating elegant rooms that are
impeccably tailored and and timelessly clasical.
Mix navy with white and light neutrals
to give a room depth and balance.
Offsetting navy with lighter tones keeps the room fresh and crisp.
Nautical motifs, stripes and checks are all at home in this scheme.
For a stylish East Coast Look think button back upholstery or piping
to add a touch a chic to your nautical interior.
Add a feature wall or ceiling in navy for some added drama.

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8 JS Interiors, 9 Archimedes

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26 August, 2015

Trend Alert : Pink + Copper

Loving the combination of dusty pink and copper at the moment!

I am loving this unexpected colour combination that is hitting the catwalks, high street and design magazines alike. Pastel pink has been given a grown-up makeover and is being paired with copper. When used in interiors, it is soft and calming when combined with grey or other neutrals tones. Mix in metallic copper and it really glows. The warm tones really compliment each other and the on-trend bright metal gives pink the contemporary edge it needs.

Melissah xox

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25 August, 2015

Seafoam Inspiration

Decorating with colour .... loving this inspiration in seafoam.

It is important when you deciding on a colour palette for your home, that there is a consistency throughout the house in both style and colour. Even when I don't use the same colors everywhere, I still like the rooms to feel connected through either colour or style. The bedroom should never feel like it's in a completely different house from the living room – the whole house has to make sense as one. There always a few exceptions like kids rooms but generally speaking your approach to design should be holistic.

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8 moodboard by Coastal Style

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24 August, 2015

Living Room Styling Tips

Coastal Chic - Get The Look

Here are some design tips to help you style your living room.

1.  Always use odd numbers in your displays – they are more visually appealing.

2.   Items do not have to be centered on the coffee table.Using a tray for displaying objects is a popular trend at the moment. Add a stack of 3 books for added interest and colour.

3.  The edge of the rug in your living room should start just under the front legs of your couch and chairs.

4.  When planning your room or shopping for furniture – use painter’s tape, newspaper or cardboard in the size of the furniture you are considering to make sure it fits. Be sure to account for pathways around furniture in your plan as well.

5.    A console table at the back of the couch should never be higher than the back of the couch (otherwise you will most likely bang your head on it when you flop down on the couch!).

6. Vary the tones in a room include light, dark and mid toned elements to create contrast.

7.  Side tables should be the same height as the arms of the couch or chair. 

8. Vary the heights in a room, art , standing lamps, low ottomans and coffee tables will all create more visual interest in a room.

9.    Mix and match textures and shapes for interest.

10.  When layering your cushions, start with the largest ones at the back then go progressively smaller. Use more cushions in the corner of a sectional to provide more back support.

Melissah xox

Images via Pottery Barn, moodboard by Coastal Style

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