30 October, 2014

A Beach House In Merricks



Mint + Orange


This beach house in Merricks, In Victoria, is full of character ~ 
it reminds me of the old fashioned beach houses we used to stay in when I was a kid. They always seemed to have pastel coloured kitchens and bathrooms and cupboards with little curtains instead of doors. So this house brings back plenty of happy memories!

I love the way they haven't gone all slick and modern ~ using plenty of colour and bold patterns. It makes this beach house really stand out from the crowd.

I am a huge fan of photographer Brooke Holm. Her work is always crisp and clean - I have noticed her work popping up in all of my favourite interior mags lately. A couple of years ago I attended her photography workshop in Melbourne so I am using her handy hints and tips to do all my photography around my own house. 
Melissah xox
Images via Share Design, Brooke Holm, fashion, moodboard by Coastal Style
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29 October, 2014

All White With A Touch of Copper






Copper Trend

This home styled by Kim Timmerman is almost entirely decorated in white.
 Copper accessories give this house a touch of color.
 I am ‘white lover’ so this house has lots of appeal ~
 clean and simple with great attention to detail.
 A look that could easily be achieved on a budget.  
Proving once again that stylish interiors do not have to cost the earth!Text

Melissah xox
Source: Kim Timmerman. moodboard by Coastal Style

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28 October, 2014

Lakehouse Inspiration

Get The Look

Hamptons Style

This beautiful lake house is just gorgeous.
 It has the perfect laid-back holiday home feel to it …
 in such an amazing setting at the top of Lake Muskoka.
And although it is a lakeside property, 
this Hamptons style decorating would be right at home in any beach house.
The modern bath combined with the old fashioned tapware and 
shower curtain rail caught my eye. 

Interiors designed by Muskoka Living.

Melissah xox

Images via Muskoka Living, moodboard by Coastal Style

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Primitive Wood Furniture


These days I'm very much into chunky wood furniture.

I love how these textured, rustic pieces contrast with crisp, clean whites. They bring warmth and character into a space and give a room a sense of history. These pieces usually look like they have a story to tell! They can easily be mixed back with modern furniture to create an eclectic feel and they look very much at home in a beachside environment. These timber beauties come in all shapes and forms and can serve you well as a coffee table, occasional tables, stools or bedside tables. They are right on trend at the moment so they are easy to pick up. 

Here are a few of my favourite styles.

Statement Stools

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8 9 moodboard by Coastal Style

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27 October, 2014

An Inspirational Beach Cottage



This very cute beach cottage is available for rent.
Naturally it's right up my alley - white, quaint, beachy and rustic.
Tonnes of natural light, vintage pieces galore and lots of white paint
all combined to create a homely feel with plenty of character.
Distressed finishes gives it a laid back feel ~ nothing looks too precious.
You would be forgiven for thinking it's somewhere in Scandinavia
but it's actually in the UK.
It's used a lot for photographic shoots and I can see why.

Melissah xox

Images via Beach Studiosfashion 

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