04 February, 2012

A Weekend At Long Island

Pack a weekend bag full of Ralph Lauren classics and head to Long Island for the weekend. Gather some friends together for a game of tennis or a spot of croquet on the lawn. Watch the sun go down whilst sipping Long Island Iced teas on the deck. It's all about effortless, casual chic in white and navy with a splash of red!

Melissah xox

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  1. I love it all, especially the first image, because there's a sampler on the wall in the living room, and I'm a huge fan of samplers :)

    Have a great weekend, Melissah!

  2. There's nothing like seaside chic and RL does it best.

  3. What a great collection of images. That bed looks SO inviting with allthat cosy bedding :) Enjoy your weekend x

  4. So fresh and lovely. I would love an organised mud room like that.

  5. I would SO love to do that, these images are gorgeous!!


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