29 June, 2011

Seafood Heaven

Images via Donna Hay website

I had dinner last night at an amazing seafood restaurant on the coast - everything tasted so fresh that I am sure it had been caught that morning. The grilled scallops in their shells for entree were just delicious and the Atlantic salmon was crispy on the outside and so delicate on the inside that it literally melted in your month. All washed down with a bottle of my favourite New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, lots of laughter and a very indulgent chocolate 'ooze' pudding for dessert. How decadent!



Let's Go Surfing

I live in a simple but stylish beach house on the coast. The town in which we live is called Anglesea and it boasts a series of great beaches, a pretty river and it's the really the start of the Great Ocean Road - one of the world's most spectacular coastal drives.

The Great Ocean Road

Enjoying the scenery

The Twelve Apostles

My husband Derek- the surfer

Derek surfing some big waves

There is something for everyone in Anglesea - swimming, fishing, boogie boarding, canoeing, R and R, boating, diving, camping and of course surfing. Just up the road from us is the famous 'Bells Beach' that hosts a number of big international surfing competitions. My husband is a surfer and he tries to get out for quick morning surf  before work. He's always in a great mood when he's been in the water and there's a decent wave. Me, on the other hand finds the whole surf thing a lot of hard work :- early mornings, messy wet hair, lots of dumpings, salty skin and sand everywhere. However this photo shoot with Blake Lively for American Vogue has got me inspired and I'm in the mood for surfing again!

Melissah xox

28 June, 2011

Resort Girl

I spent my younger days back packing around Europe, the States and Asia and trucking across Africa but now that I am older and wiser I have discovered the five star resort. So I have happily put my back packing days behind me and taken up luxury travel instead. There's something about Egyption cotton sheets, fluffy white towels, fine dining restaurants, pool bars, mini bars, air conditioning and King size beds that beat a tent everytime! Now I would never swap those early days but it certainly makes me appreciate and the luxuries in life even more! 

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 34

26 June, 2011

Summertime Treats


Summer is here and it's time to entertain with friends and take it all outdoors. Here are a few things that I really look forward to in summer :- chilled seafood on ice, I love the amazing colour of lobsters and; prawns. I also love fresh, healthy salads; old fashioned icy poles whilst walking along the beach; fish and chips by the Anglesea River; a pub lunch down at  the Wye River Pub overlooking the water and fruit flavoured gelatis.

Melissah xox

Images via Donna Hay

India Hicks for Crabtree & Evelyn

Creative Partner India Hicks and Crabtree and Evelyn have collaborated to create a range called Island Living Body and Home Collections. The range is a very personal vision of her home life on a beautiful island in the Caribbean. India Hicks immersed herself in the creative process from formulations to fragrances and packaging. Designer, international model and author, India Hicks is daughter of famed British interior designer, David Hicks, and goddaughter to Prince Charles.
India drew upon an eclectic mix of influences: natural island wisdom, her favourite island flowers and trees, classic West Indian style as well as antique maps. An anthology of original English marine life prints from the 1840’s – collected by India’s partner, David Flint Wood – is the inspiration behind the red coral icon created for the collection.

Melissah xox

Images via India Hicks

24 June, 2011

Nautical Cool

Navy and white with a splash of red is such a classic, all time combination ... always stylish .... always chic! Perfect for coastal living and seaside holidays - it's all time favourite for both fashion and interior colour schemes. It always looks fresh and never goes out of fashion. Mix in some stripes for fun and you'll have the look perfected! 

Melissah xox

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Greek Flavours

The mercury hit a perfect 28 degrees today so my husband and I took a drive down to Lorne, a stylish coastal town with a very good Greek restaurant that sits overlooking the pier. It is painted in typical Greek style with lots of white wash and bright blue trim. It is all a bit rusty and run down but that just adds to the character. We had lunch at an outdoor table under a sun umbrella watching the fishing boats bob up and down. 

Greek recipes from Donna Hay magazine

We ordered this amazing seafood platter which was absolutely overflowing with King prawns, oysters, lobster, scampi, mussels and scallops. Everything is freshly caught and it all tasted even better when washed down with a glass of chilled, white wine. After a glass or two, I could have sworn I was on a Greek Island!

Inspiration from the Greek Islands

Melissah xox

Images via Donna Hay website, Artsytime Blog

23 June, 2011

Simple Summer Days

Summer is all about the beach to me - long walks along the sand collecting shells, worn pebbles and driftwood along the way. White weather board cottages and simple beach shacks. Simple summer cotton dresses that blow in the breeze, floppy straw hats and worn beach baskets. A canvas hammock strung up on the porch promises endless hours of being lost in a good book, kids with ice-creams and the ringing of laughter in the air all remind me of lazy summer days.   

Melissah xox

Images via Simply Natural

21 June, 2011

Bora Bora - Tahiti

Every time I flick through a magazine and see amazing photos of my kind of a paradise, a perfect beach in a perfect setting, it’s always Bora Bora. They say it’s the most beautiful place on earth with his sapphire, turquoise and emerald coloured waters, pristine white sand, friendly people and heavenly overwater bungalows. The weather is perfect all year round and everywhere you look is breathtaking. My idea of heaven!
Melissah xox

Image 1 via Roxy website, other images via Bora Bora website
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