04 July, 2011

Going Coastal


You can never go wrong using the age old classic of blue and white as a colour scheme for a beach house. White is always so crisp and fresh, and blue is a great reminder of  that the ocean is close by. I live in a coastal town but unfortunately don't have an ocean view. However, we are lucky enough to be able  to smell the salt air and hear the waves crashing at night. I have used blue as an accent colour throughout the house with lots of natural textures like cane, rattan and painted timber. We have old oars and surfboards hung on the wall (my husband's contribution to the decorating!) with lots of shells and books on beach houses. It has a lovely rustic, carefree feel about it and although we can't see the ocean we certainly feel like we live by the sea!

Melissah xox

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Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

The title of this post drew me here! lol! I agree that blue and white are classic colors for a seaside feel. Just so relaxing too.

Congrats on launching your new blog. It looks beautiful and I look forward to seeing more! Thanks for stopping by :)

MissBliss said...

love the snug little bed area :)

and of course all the coastal blues!

xo xo from Miami Beach

Sherri said...

Melissah, I love the photos in this blog-all blue and white, crisp and clean! Love it!!

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