30 August, 2011

The American Dream


White shingled, wooden houses with porches, Adirondack chairs, lighthouses, gray slate roofs, American flags, and boardwalks leading to the beach. This is what comes to mind when I think of  New England Style. I have never been to the Hamptons or Cape Cod but they are firmly planted in my mind and there is a longing to go there one day and experience the American dream. That part of the world sums up the very essence of the good life to me - the sea, family and friends, dogs, good books, beautiful scenery, perfect houses, good food and wine.... one day I'll get there!

Melissah xox

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Sarah Gibbs @ Finishing Touch Interiors said...

I've never been there either but like you its somewhere I dream of going its so perfectly idilic isnt it

PRALINER said...

You´re on my bloglist! Love your pictures and the feeling I get from your lovely blog! Thank you! /Jackie

designchic said...

Oh Melissah, we have the same dream...such a wholesome, carefree lifestyle!!

sealaura said...

this is a great dream isn't it and I love the way you describe it. I live on the California coast and I love living by the sea, hope someday to see how the other coast does it. :)


{darlene} said...

loved this post. It reminds me to put a little bit more Americana into my own slice of the "American Dream." Of course, life is lived, and never like a picture. But the goal of relaxed and open beauty is a beautiful one... accessible to us no matter where we live.
- {darlene}
fieldstone hill design

Beach Coast Style said...

So funny Melissah I believe you guys have some of the best beaches in the world.

Susan said...

Hi, Melissah - I'm just going through your older posts, and love this one.

I've been lucky enough to go to Cape Cod a number of times - I would love to live there, but sadly, my job keeps me either in Chicago or Texas, so I just have to visit on vacation.

I love Cape Cod so much that when I moved to Texas, I moved into a development that have homes reminiscent of something you would find on Cape Cod, rather than the regular brick homes that are common with new developments around here.

I hope you get to visit Cape Cod one day!

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