20 August, 2011

Chilling out on the weekend

The weekend is here and it's full of promises - hopefully it will bring with it blue skies, fresh air, sunshine and laughter. I'm looking forward to getting together with family friends for a dip in the pool, some tasty food and a bit of light hearted frivolity like a game of beach cricket, some boules or perhaps a hit of croquet!. It would be nice to slip in some downtime and find some quiet time to get stuck into my book, flick through the latest Donna Hay magazine and go for a long, meandering walk along the beach. What are you looking forward to doing this weekend?

I hope you a lovely weekend!
Melissah xox

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Deborah said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful!
I work this weekend, but will still enjoy the latter part of the day and evening...:)
Have a beautiful weekend xo

Deborah xo

Sarah - Squeezed Daily said...

Hi Melissah, thanks for coming on the virtual trip! (and for adding me to your list). I was hoping to make it on your blogroll. Your blog would make a fantastic coastal magazine, so many great images.

anita said...

love the pool photo..always liked the idea of a pool so close to the house. busy with fam this weekend!

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