15 August, 2011

Summer Eats

Here are a few of my favourite summer treats - luscious, juicy fruit like peaches and mangoes simply served fresh or tossed in a little brown sugar then grilled until the sugar caramelises, served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream. Yum! I love summer fruit salad with lashings of home grown tangy passionfruit stirred through it. I can never have too much seafood over summer King Prawns, Atlantic Salmon, lobster and calamari but the list goes on... Then there's salads - we live on salad over summer, I have a bit of a reputation for making great salads because unless they're exciting and chocked full of goodies my kids won't eat them! So I make them with grilled prawns, prosciutto, goats cheese, chorozio and then we all dive in for seconds! 

Melissah xox

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Love of the Sea said...

Looks so delicious!

Della said...

I am all for the seafood! Any kind, any time...bring it on!

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