29 August, 2011

Tropical Fiesta

We are getting a spate of warm, sunny Spring-like days and my thoughts are already turning to summer, the beach and outdoor entertaining. I am looking forward to a mini holiday in Queensland with some warm tropical weather just to get an early taste of summer. It's the perfect place for heavenly cocktails, freshly caught seafood and tropical fruits. I can see myself sitting on the deck of a laid back restaurant overlooking the water sipping on a Long Island Iced Tea and tucking into a plate of grilled prawns with a mango and avocado salsa...yum!

Melissah xox

Image 1 - all others via Coastal Living 


Mimi said...

I could see myself doing the same! Mimi xx

Josie said...

This would be the perfect end-of-summer get-together! Bright and cheery, with delectable-looking food.
xo Josie

Maria said...

Mini spring Break it's a great start for the summer holidays!
We are at the end of the summer (Greece) and schools starts in two weeks but the weather is still good for swimming :)
I hope you enjoy your mini holidays...:)

Anonymous said...

OMG. Yum! I know what I'm having for dinner tommorow night!
x KL

michelle said...

This all looks so good!! I hope you get to enjoy some time celebrating!

Natasha @ Northern Light Blog said...

Makes me hungry, those shrimp skewers look so yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissah, absolutely love your site, visit it everyday. I just have one suggestion. Would it be possible for you to put links on your food pics to the actual recipes or original link of the pic, if there is one. For instance I love the look of the prawns in the top pic on this page and would like to know what they have been cooked with. Thanks heaps Sam

Melissah said...

Sam, I just got your comment about recipes - I always link back to the site but not the actually recipe so if you're trying to track it down that makes it tricky for you. If the images come with a recipe I will try to link back to the recipe but as I already have quite a few foodie images in my library you may only just a get a link to the site - but going forward I'll include a few recipes for you!

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