30 September, 2011

Sunny In South Africa

Yellow Daze



A few miles away from Cape Town, South Africa, a professional London couple enjoys the easy life in their summer house paradise. I love the eclectic mix of clean, modern designer furniture with ethnic pieces and the stunning sea views goes without saying! There are some very clever, eclectic pieces in the mix including the African day bed, the carved timber stones, the wooden vases and the wall art. It' simple relaxed and clutter free and I could easily see myself on that outdoor terrace enjoying a glass of wine in the midday sun!

{Photos Nicolas Matheus for Maison Fran├žaise}

Melissah xox

Images via French By Design

29 September, 2011

Michael Kors - Resort Dressing



I am in the midst of planning a holiday to the Tropics so I have been flicking through magazines looking for a bit of fashion inspiration. I am a big fan of Michael Kors' classic elegance. This Summer campaign epitomises everything I love about resort chic. Vividly shot by my favourite photographer, Mario Testino, Carmen Kass looks amazing in bold prints and strong colours. Relaxed caftans, maxi dresses and tie dyed stripes are all looking perfect for my resort wardrobe!    

Melissah xox

Images via Michael Kors

28 September, 2011

Totally Textured



I have been running around shopping with a client over the past couple of weeks getting their amazing farmhouse on the coast ready for Christmas. It will be an interesting mix of both coastal and farmhouse references as they have spectacular ocean views everywhere you look. I am aiming to fill the house with lots of textures and a mix of eclectic and vintage pieces. So far, we have found this enormous ship's lamp, a rope mirror, an antique telescope, a rusted fence paling that's been converted into a floor lamp and lots of nautical treasures to fill the house with character and personality!

Melissah xox

Images via Coastal Living

27 September, 2011

A Beach Wedding


I am celebrating my wedding anniversary today. We got married on the beach in Broome, a beautiful and remote beach in Western Australia so I am feeling inspired by this gorgeous beach wedding. Not only is it a perfect tropical location but the table setting is just heavenly. The driftwood, the candles, the coral, the hurricane lamps and the peachy coloured peony roses all combine to create a chic and stylish coastal wedding that will long be remembered!

Melissah xox

Images via The Knot, except image 4

25 September, 2011

Beach Cottage Chic




Feel like taking a mini-vacation then pop over to Molly Frey Design for a bit of coastal design inspiration. Molly is from Marblehead, a charming little coastal town in Massachusetts. Her signature style is New England beach chic working predominantly with a soft palette of neutrals with sea blues and soft greens. Here is a classic navy and white story that is both timeless and chic. The striking blue and white print along with the attention to detail really makes for a cosy and inviting room. The shell mirror and lamp, the wooden sailing boat the clam shell all add to it's coastal charm. Molly also has a great little blog that's worth checking out. She walks you through some of her latest projects and design ideas.

Melissah xox

Images 1-4 via Molly Frey Design, , 56a, 6b, 7, 8 

24 September, 2011

Arabian Nights


Here's a great idea for a bit of Springtime romance - an exotic beach picnic. Now I can appreciate that for most of us hiring a camel for the day is no easy feat so if you have to skip the camel bit I think that's justified! But as for rugs, scatter cushions, roses, tealight candles and champagne glasses we can all mange to rustle up a few exotic accessories. Now my husband is not one for being the centre of attention so he would be way too embarrassed to relax at the beach surrounded by such exoticness but I'm quite sure he would enjoy the same experience set up on our back deck watching the sun go down!

Melissah xox

Images via Rue Magazine

23 September, 2011

Corisican Hideaway

I fell in love with Corsica many years ago. It's not really a hot spot for international travellers - it's more of a holiday destination for the French escaping the city heat in summer. As a result, it has been left relatively unscathed by tourism - the locals are warm and friendly, the scenery bold and rugged, the beaches are pristine and the accommodation is simple, rustic and full of character. It is the perfect place to swim in the warm ocean, relax on the beach, explore local villages and dine out on good, wholesomet French cuisine without breaking the budget. 

It is a very casual, relaxed island off the South coast of France so no need for any glitz or glam here. All you'll need is cotton dresses, perhaps some cool linen shorts and shirts, a straw hat, a beach bag and a couple of swimsuits. Be sure to cool yourself down with some Italian gelati or a fruity posicle!

Melissah xox

House images via The Style Files, fashion story by Coastal Style, food images 1, 2-4

22 September, 2011

Navy, Turquoise & Stripes

Mint Resort Report


My favourite colours for this time of year are navy and turquoise, throw stripes into the mix and I couldn't be happier!. Navy is always classic and stylish and the turquoise adds a splash of colour and a sense of fun to any outfit. Stripes always look chic and they work beautifully for both fashion and interior decorating. I love seaside colours for beachy holidays which is why I am such a fan of turquoise, aqua and jade. All of these pieces will be just perfect for my Queensland holiday next month!

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2 Coastal Style, 34, 5
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