24 September, 2011

Arabian Nights


Here's a great idea for a bit of Springtime romance - an exotic beach picnic. Now I can appreciate that for most of us hiring a camel for the day is no easy feat so if you have to skip the camel bit I think that's justified! But as for rugs, scatter cushions, roses, tealight candles and champagne glasses we can all mange to rustle up a few exotic accessories. Now my husband is not one for being the centre of attention so he would be way too embarrassed to relax at the beach surrounded by such exoticness but I'm quite sure he would enjoy the same experience set up on our back deck watching the sun go down!

Melissah xox

Images via Rue Magazine


Pearl Maple said...

Inspiring photos and theme, those colours are just so fresh and perfect for spring

PRALINER said...

Aah! I wish I was there!! Have a great day!

Kaybe said...

Whenever I see hurricane globes that have lost their base or clear globes from chandelier lights fixtures at thrift stores - I pick them up. They are perfect for those late picnics on the beach. Just place your candle & push the globe into the sand around it. Totally protects it from the wind and they fit nicely into a picnic basket. Now, I'll pass on the camel. Too high maintenance for my relaxing picnic.

Take good care,


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