23 September, 2011

Corisican Hideaway

House Of The Week

I fell in love with Corsica many years ago. It's not really a hot spot for international travellers - it's more of a holiday destination for the French escaping the city heat in summer. As a result, it has been left relatively unscathed by tourism - the locals are warm and friendly, the scenery bold and rugged, the beaches are pristine and the accommodation is simple, rustic and full of character. It is the perfect place to swim in the warm ocean, relax on the beach, explore local villages and dine out on good, wholesomet French cuisine without breaking the budget. 

Lime Squeeze

It is a very casual, relaxed island off the South coast of France so no need for any glitz or glam here. All you'll need is cotton dresses, perhaps some cool linen shorts and shirts, a straw hat, a beach bag and a couple of swimsuits. Be sure to cool yourself down with some Italian gelati or a fruity posicle!

Melissah xox

House images via The Style Files, fashion story by Coastal Style, food images 1, 2-4


beachcomber said...

i wouldn't mind hiding away there!

Desire Empire said...

You've inspired me to travel there one day.

designchic said...

What a fabulous place to vacation. Love the stone exterior, and the warm and relaxing feel. Great green inspiration!!

Beach House Living said...

Oh, take me away there!

Everything Coastal said...

I love your blog. Love the colors, and only wish that I could travel to all of these fabulous places!

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