08 September, 2011

'Isola' by Megan Gale





'Isola' meaning Island in Italian is a great little swimwear range by Aussie supermodel 'Megan Gale'. Megan is a great role model as she is tall, very healthly looking and 30 so much older than your average model. I'm always much happier when I see Megan modelling my favourite fashion ranges because I feel I can identify with her more than an 18 year old teenager! She has reputation for being bubbly, down to earth, a great laugh and very professional. She has left our fair shores to try her luck as an actress in Hollywood so Miranda Kerr has been groomed to step into her shoes. For my recent holiday to Tahiti I bought the emerald green 'Isola' bikini (image 3) hoping it would match the colour of the water. Luckily it was the perfect shade!

Melissah xox


Punctuation Mark said...

love her stuff and that she is putting us the after 30 ones in a good place!!!

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