02 September, 2011

Sol De Oriente - Mexico


Sol De Oriente is the perfect getaway ... far away from the maddening crowds, computers, shopping, public transport, bosses and the daily grind. It is surrounded by so much beauty that you would not dare connect to the internet. Costa Careyes, Mexico, is exploding with charm and boutique resorts and luxury, private villas are flourishing.

Sol De Orient with it's explosion of colour is for rent. This sensually elegant villa is in the ideal location to host a special event. The property is surrounded by spacious terraces with ocean views. There's everything you need for a luxury escape including a swimming pools, breathtaking views and private bungalows accessible by an electric gondola. A seamless blend of innovative style and unspoiled nature promises an unforgettable holiday.


Nothing much required for this holiday wardrobe - swimsuits, kaftans, designer flats, sunglasses and a hat for poolside lounging. Throw in some chic little summer dresses for dining in local restaurants, cocktails by the pool and at-home entertaining. Oh ... and don't forget the sunscreen!  

Melissah xox

Images via Trendland drink via Chromatic Lush, 'Summer' fashion story created by 'Coastal Style' in Polyvore


beachcomber said...

wow..what a cool place! love the colour and the rustic pergola.

The enchanted home said...

Love this! The colors are soooo gorgeous and love your yellow mood board!!

Claudia said...


Thank you for leaving a sweet comment. I love this place. Looks so much fun to vacation. Maybe someday. Happy Summer to you and I'm a new follower.
Also love the driftwood post.
Take care, Claudia

Sarah - Squeezed Daily said...

Hi Melissah, Yes, I know this place lots and lots of festive yellow! Very appropriate to pack yellow lovelies to stay there.
Sar x

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