07 October, 2011

Escape to Mykonos

Turquoise Holiday

The Greek Islands always make for a perfect holiday and Mykonos is one of personal favourites - surrounded by Islands, deep blue sea, gorgeous architecture and pretty white windmills ... it is simple breathtaking! A photographer's paradise. Stylish boutique accommodation is popping up all over the place and this one is no exception. It promises a perfectly relaxing holiday in ultimate style!

Melissah xox

Images via French By Design edited by Coastal Style, Fashion Story Turquoise Holiday by Coastal Style blogspot 


Sarah - Squeezed Daily said...

Wow, wow, wow I would love to go there someday.
Hava Fab Friday Melissah!
Sar x

beachcomber said...

so beautiful..i'd love to go there too! that bed is interesting.

Beach House Living said...

A place I always enjoy seeing photos of.
Thank you.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Melissah, We just returned from Mykonos a few weeks ago. The Greek islands were so gorgeous and as you said a photographers dream.

Georgica Pond said...

I'm so ready to escape my life at the moment - please someone take me there!

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