18 October, 2011

Moody Beach Blues


The ocean is often unpredictable - some days it's calm and tranquil, other day it's raging a storm, not unlike me! The weather and the temperament of the ocean can play a big part on our moods. When the skies are grey and the ocean is dark and forbidding it can effect one's mood - bringing on a meloncoly feeling or 'the moody blues' but when it's sparkling with the light dancing on the ripples the world is full of endless possibilities!
Melissah xox

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michelle said...

These are gorgeous photos. I love the sea when it is raging, there is something so beautiful and powerful about it. Although there is something to be said for peaceful and calm. :)

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

what beautiful images i love the occean its so cold here in the UK but flying out to florida nest week cant wait to see the beautiful blue of the sea

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