16 October, 2011

A Weathered Beach Cottage

An essential requirement of a beach house for me is plenty of outdoor spaces - the more the merrier I say! You need large decks with a view for entertaining and cosy sheltered nooks protected from winds and harsh sun for an afternoon nap or a quiet read. Decks at the front and rear of the house are ideal because they capture the sun, cool you down or protect against brisk sea breezes at different times of the day. So if you can move between decks depending of the conditions then you can make the most of whatever the weather dishes up. Outdoor living in Australia with our mild climate and long summers is a way of life. It's where we do most of summer entertaining so decks, patios, verandas and big lawns for kids to run around are all a prerequisite for the Aussie beach house! 

Melissah xox

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Mimi said...

i agree lots of Verandah's and a beautiful lawn. Oh I love to dream! Mimi xx

Ocean Dreams said...

Gorgeous! I would love to go there and relax right now.

Patricia Nichols said...

Australia sounds MUCH better than than the beach life here in SoCAl.....probably less expensive too. Even at 1.5 million. for that lil bright blue shack... LOL I doubt we'd get an outhouse for that here.

Mimi is right...dreaming is MUCH more affordable...and soothing to my soul at the moment. ;)

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