09 November, 2011

Krazy About Kangaroos!

I have been inspired by Cynthia's romantic story on wild mustangs on Beach Coast Style, now we may not have wild horses on our local beaches but we do have wild kangaroos that live on our golf course! There are several hundred, so golfers and kangaroos alike share the course and our little beach town has become famous for it. The golf course overlooks the ocean and we overlook the golf course. The kangaroos often stray in search of 'better restaurants' and as we have the greenest grass in town one of the big males (nicknamed Rocky) became our best customer! Only problem was after a year of nightly visits he had almost destroyed the lawn so we sent him on his way! I laugh when I wash the dishes and see a kangaroo hopping down the street or bump into one on my morning jogs. You see I'm a city girl and having a kangaroo in my backyard is a total novelty!

PS. yes they do get hit by golf balls...regularly!

Melissah xox

Photos by Coastal Style


beachcomber said...

great photos! they look right at home on your golf course.

Dani said...

Love it - cuties!

Kirsty (Coral and Coast) said...

Oh my goodness, how cute! I've never seen a kangaroo in real life, I hope they don't do too much damage to the golf course! ;) xo K

Mama of 2 boys said...

What a lovely place to live, those kangaroo's are gorgeous! I'd never see hubby if we lived near a golf course, he's a mad golf nut and plays every Saturday as it is!
Beautiful photos of your little part of the world Melissah :o) xo

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