03 November, 2011

Summer Stripes


With the shops filling up with summer fashion and the odd, warm summery day my thoughts turn to holidays, long days at the beach and drives down the coast scouting out good seaside restaurants. Maybe I should ditch the car in favour of this very chic looking scooter - but I'm not sure of my Vespa skills after a leisurely lunch and a class or two of wine! Stripes are always the perfect summer basic and I'm loving this whole 'Riveria look' - you can never go wrong with blue and white. I also love stripes around the house to freshen things up and it gives a beach house a subtle nautical twist without being over the top. Ticking is an all time favourite classic and looks great mixed in with some bolder stripes.

Melissah xox

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Milo and Mitzy said...

Gorgeous blog. I have just become a follower of both. i look forward to reading much more! Amy x

beachcomber said...


Anonymous said...

Love those nautical stripes!!!

Thanks for sharing -

beachside cottage

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh I LOVE stripes also Melissah! Blue and white looks gorgeous. In the past week I have purchased a blue and white striped top and a red and white striped pair of wedges (which I think I may have already mentioned on one of your posts this week!) Love the stripey couch in the top pic, stunning! xo

michelle said...

LOVE stripes!! Nothing says summer like them.
If I wasn't afraid of the drivers here, I would love to have a scooter like that.

Mike said...

That model in the last picture looks stunning.

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