28 December, 2011

Summer Road Trip



I am just in the the throws of planning this year's road trip. I have always loved a summer road trip and these fun shots reminds me of my crazy, younger days heading up to Byron Bay with my girlfriends to celebrate New Year's Eve. I still love my road trips but the girls have been replaced by my husband so the trips are more romantic and low key - watching sunsets, seafood dinners, bushwalking, exploring, and relaxed beach days. Now I wake up at the time I used to get home!

Melissah xox

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Mama of 2 boys said...

A romantic road trip sounds delightful. We're heading off on a Summer road trip next week and can't wait... though it will be anything but romantic with our two little fellows along for the ride. Enjoy your lovely trip :o) xo

Ez said...

That sounds just dee-vine!! My fiance and I have just decided that we need to do a little road trip just the two of us before the summer ends :-)

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