12 February, 2012

Natural Elements




I am a huge fan of incorporating lots of texture into a beach house. When I am decorating a coastal house for clients I give natural materials a big push. I think sisal, cane, rattan, coconut husks, recycled timbers and driftwood all add to the warmth, character and carefree nature of a beach house. I like elements that are worn and weathered mixed back with modern pieces to give the place an eclectic feel.

Melissah xox

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Beach House Living said...

Natural looking elements do add a relaxing touch.

Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess said...

I love all of these images! Even though the mountains are far from the beach, I think that a mountain modern aesthetic has a lot in common with a beachy vibe, certainly in terms of the natural materials. We're decorating our new-ish mountain home in as many natural materials as possible. I wonder... would some seashells and a starfish look out of place next to the wood burning stove? ;-)

Natasha Simpson * said...

I love this post! Every single image is more beautiful than the last and I love all details and the coastal elements.

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