28 March, 2012

Caribbean Cool



On my bucket list is a trip to the Caribbean. I love any tropical destination but high on the list are the Islands of the Caribbean. Apart from the obvious wow factors of the beaches and the scenic beauty I am fascinated by the local architecture and the colours associated with this exotic destination. I love the distinctive style of the houses and the tropical colour palette of the interiors. I'm huge fan of cane, rattan and sisal and these natural fibres play such an important role in their decorating schemes. One day, I would love to explore this part of the world and experience it for myself!

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 34, 5, 6

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plaits and paisley said...

Yummo! I'll have a pina colada on the verandah thanks!!

beachcomber said...

the first 2 are favourites! & love the little cottage in the 3rd pic. love all the colours :)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh the Caribbean would be unreal! Loving the photos and especially the blue AND green chairs in the 3rd and 4th shots, gorgeous! xo

Petra Eriksson said...

Lovely!!!! Hugs from Petra

Lesli @ Beautifully Coastal Design Blog said...

The Carribean is more in my area of the world (especially when I lived in Florida), so I've been lucky enough to visit many of the islands. It's truly beautiful and worthy of your bucket list.

I haven't yet visited your neck of the woods and it's definitely on my bucket list!

Lesli @ BeautifullyCoastal.com

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