09 March, 2012

My Birthday

Today is my birthday
  and I will be celebrating at the beach -
but no ordinary beach
it will be Sydney's Bondi Beach 
I  have few lovely things planned including :-
a fews day off work with my wonderful husband
drinks at sunset at one of the beach bars and
 dinner at a fabulous restaurant overlooking the water.
I'm very excited ... I just love birthdays!
Melissah xox

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beachcomber said...

well you timed the weather perfectly!! :) have a great time.


Happy Birthday ! Sounds like it will be a lovely day :)

In The Night Sky said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your time in Sydney :)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Happy birthday and here's to many more! Enjoy your birthday holiday.

The enchanted home said...

Happy Birthday Melissah! I love your idea of how you will spend celebrating.....sounds perfect!! Enjoy it, love that first pic of the balloons on the beach!

michelle said...

Happy Birthday! I can't think of a better place to spend the day at. Enjoy every minute!

Beach House Living said...

Happy Birthday!

Vanilj med lite rött said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Hope you have a lovely day with lots of presents and a bithdaycake.

Love, Malin

anita said...

happy, happy special YOU day :)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Happy Birthday Melissah! Hope you enjoyed beautiful Bondi Beach... the weather offered up something a bit special for you xo

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