05 April, 2012

Cool Stripes


With the school holidays here it is the perfect opportunity to get out and grab some fresh air while the weather is still mild and sunny. With lots of holiday makers down for the Easter break our little coastal town has a very beachy, casual vibe to the place. Everyone is out on bikes, playing tennis, getting out on the water in their boats, walking on the beach and generally having a lot of fun. These casual blue and white stripes are the perfect answer for a relaxed casual feel for a few days down the coast!

Melissah xox

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Mise said...

The dark blue and orange look great together, and stripes are always perfectly chic.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Love stripes also... the black and white striped floor rug is gorgeous... and so is that little girl in the stripy dress, so cute! Happy Easter Melissah, hope you have a nice lazy weekend xo

Sally Lee by the Sea, LLC said...

I just love stripes whether it is one clothing or furnishings -- LOVE this post!


Desire Empire said...

I think stripes are just about the smartest thing in fashion there is. Lovely shots today

Wishing you a fabulous and safe Easter break

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