07 May, 2012

Life's A Breeze!

A Dash Of Lime

We are just in the process of contemplating a bit of reno dedicating more space to outdoor living and entertaining - after all that's what a beach house is all about in the summer. So we are thinking about a bigger deck and I'm on the hunt for some cool inspiration. I can myself next summer on my new sun deck sipping on a Caipiroska with lots of crushed lime !

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2-5, Fashion Story Lime Twist by Coastal Style

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Shorely Chic said...

so so pretty! I can't wait to get working on our outdoor area, summer is just beginning (slowly but shorely)

Valerie said...

Love the outdoor spaces! We also pretty much live outside in the summer.

Susan @ Afford Your Passions said...

No beach house here, and no back deck (we have a small back patio) - I desperately want a deck for more outdoor living area.

Love your inspiration - especially that pool house/guest house!

Gild and Grace said...

This makes me very sad that we're heading into a dreary winter! I'd like a summer holiday right about now :)

Abbey x

Mama of 2 boys said...

Now that sounds exciting Melissah! I am all about making little changes and improvements around our place too. Some of them subtle, others more dramatic. Unfortunately, it all takes money and I have some pretty specific tastes, so maybe I'll have to be a bit patient with some of it.
But we definitely want to make our outdoor area more appealing too. Look forward to reading about your progress xo

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