20 August, 2012

Nature's Inspiration

There is endless beauty in nature - 
a bottomless source of ideas in my life, design work and personal style.
 Inspiration comes from simple things like :-
the colours of petals,
the form of a gnarly bit of driftwood
the texture of a piece of bark
the shape of pebbles on the beach. 

Melissah xox

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Mama of 2 boys said...

So so true Melissah. Living on the coast I am forever in awe of the amazing natural landscapes... and how often they change. Nature is indeed, beautiful xo

Anonymous said...

So true. I often thank the universe for allowing me the privilege to live on the coast. It is always an amazing source of inspiration for me also . G. X

Kate L. said...

Love that dress!!!!


María said...

I totallly agree with you


Mike said...

nature is beautiful. Probably the prettiest thing in the world.

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