29 May, 2012

Ocean Blues

Tan & Sapphire

How dynamic does a space look when you add accents in rich sapphire and deep turquoise. They suddenly come alive with depth and possess a jewel-like quality. They evoke the colours of a sparkling ocean on a hot, summer's day. It's doesn't take a lot - a rug, a cushion, a painting or a chair but it totally adds a whole new dimension to a room.

Melissah xox

Fashion by Coastal Style, images : 3, 2+4-5 via Sea Cottage
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Mama of 2 boys said...

Ooo I do love this post Melissah and I adore this colour! You are spot on, a bright sparkling shade like this really does lift a room. You've given me some food for thought on my current redecorating of my lounge room. Any excuse for some new cushions or a throw, right?! xo

koralee said...

Stunning...I am soooo wanting those blue chairs...sigh! This is my dream house.
happy week to you. xoxo

plaits and paisley said...

I love every shade of blue, but these rich blues are stunning and so evocative of holidays and the beach. x

Susan said...

Gorgeous jewel tones, Melissah!

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