30 June, 2012

Bring On Summer!

Wishing it was summer already!

Dreaming of summer beach parties

Looking forward to long days at the beach

Can't wait for daylight savings 

Looking forward to summer entertaining with friends

Love relaxing, summer chill out days!

Okay I am getting a bit sick of being stuck indoors on wet and windy days. I have enjoyed the first few chilly weeks of winter with cosy fires, hearty soups and rugged up beach walks but now I'm ready to move on. Bring on summer I say! I think it's time to start planning a holiday up north to tropical Queensland for a burst of sunshine and some warm weather. Loving this summery inspiration - it's the thought of summer just around the corner that keeps me going through the winter months!

Melissah xox

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29 June, 2012

Una Bella Vista



Greek Islands Trend Report

I am loving the bright bougainvillea cascading over balconies and white washed walls, spilling out onto winding cobblestone streets. I can see myself in a sundress and leather sandals, straw basket in hand, heading off to the local village for supplies. One of my favourite things about travelling are the quaint villages, meeting the locals and shopping for groceries. Over the years I have taught myself French and Italian - there is also five years of schoolgirl German and a smattering of Spanish so I love babbling on with the local shop keepers ordering cheese, bread, fresh fruit and veg. They love it - this bubbly girl from the other side of the world chatting away - they don't even fuss about the rusty grammar, I just smile,  wave my arms around and they know what I mean!!

Melissah xox

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28 June, 2012

Resort Chic in Cool White

For us, living on the coast in the middle of winter is cold, grey and chilly and one needs the promise of a sunny holiday in the middle of it to get your through. To be honest, this year I'm not that fussy where we go as long as it's warm, sunny and tropical. I am dying to get down my suitcase and pack it full of lightweight, breezy summer clothes. I love this chic and stylish resort wardrobe in white - I could happily see myself in any of these pieces! 

Melissah xox

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27 June, 2012

Beach House Batik

I am loving this boho beachy look of the batik in a palette of coastal blues.
 It gives that whole seventies feel a totally new vibe. 
A great relaxed look for a coastal weekender or a holiday house.

Melissah xox

Images via Vicky's Home, except 3
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26 June, 2012

Summer Palette Inspiration

Exciting things have been happening in our house - kids are growing up fast and are after a bit more independence so we have been juggling all of the rooms around and freshening up everything as we go. We have a simple, typically Aussie, beach house but the beauty of it is it has 6 bedrooms and 2 kitchens. One large bedroom is now an office with views over the hills and the downstairs kitchen has been converted into a studio for me with a 3 metre layout design table - so we are very well set up for 2 people working from home. The great thing about having all the rooms is we can move bedrooms around when we feel like a change. With this most recent change - we have painted walls, bought new artwork and bedlinen and I even have a girly space set up just for blogging and my hobbies. It's been a bigger job than I planned but it's all looking fabulous and everyone is very happy with their new rooms and our 'beachy' palette of summer blues and aquas!

Melissah xox

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25 June, 2012

Freshly Baked Bread

One of the simple pleasures in life for me is freshly baked bread. For a small coastal town we are very fortunate because we have two excellent bakeries and our little supermarket carries a range of artisan bread that is delivered daily. They are big chunky, crusty loaves  - that are a meal in themselves. I love the sourdough thickly sliced with lashings of butter and a bowl of homemade soup. Every so often I even get motivated enough to bake a loaf of my own and we eat it warm straight from the oven! 

Melissah xox

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24 June, 2012

The Hamptons by Ricky Lauren


With summer just around the corner, I am feeling in the mood for some holiday inspiration. I would love to get my hands on a copy of this wonderful new book by Ralph Lauren's wife, Ricky. This beautiful coffee table book is filled with delicious family recipes such as lobster soufflĂ©, Ricky's amazing photography and happy memories of the Laurens' summers on Long Island. 

Ricky Lauren ~ author, photographer and artist invites us to share her lifestyle, tastes and discoveries, through her gorgeous watercolors, personal snapshots, and inspiring food photography. With tips and advice on entertaining in true Hamptons’ style, THE HAMPTONS offers a loving portrait of a beloved American family.

I love entertaining, cooking and cook books and I am a huge fan of Ralph Lauren so I am sure to love this one!

Melissah xox

Images via Pink Lemonade

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23 June, 2012

Inspiration - Nautical Stripes

  Nautical Chic

Today I feeling inspired by bold navy and white stripes ~
very chic, very nautical!
Navy and white is such a classic, timeless combination
even better when you throw some big, bold, confident stripes into the mix!
Great for fashion, accessories and decor!

Melissah xox

Sources: 1, fashion by Coastal Style,  34

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