03 June, 2012

Sunday Afternoons


I am looking forward to a low key, relaxed kind of day with no set plans.
I have a few things on my mind so we'll see where the mood takes us.
There's thoughts of a picnic and an afternoon walk on the beach.
I would like to finish off some artwork and
I 'm hoping to get through a chapter or two of my new book.
All in all a very lazy day!

I hope you are enjoying you Sunday too!

Melissah xox

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Natasha @ Northern Light Blog said...

So funny... Sunday didn't even start yet "over here"...
What are you reading?? :) Have a fun day!

anita said...

love the painting photos..looks so relaxing!

Coral and Coast said...

Enjoy your Sunday Melissah, your day sounds heavenly! xo Kirsty

Mama of 2 boys said...

Beautiful, romantic pics for a Sunday Melissah. Sunday arvo really does have a feel to it. Shame our feel is cold, wet and soggy here... but that does mean plenty of indoor fun, so it's not all bad. Hope you knocked a couple of those wishes off your list today xo

BEACH & EAU said...


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