19 August, 2012

Bridget Bardot

I just adore Brigitte Bardot - in fact if I could look like anyone I would probably pick Brigitte. I love her tousled hair, her pouty lips and her innocent bedroom eyes. I have never seen these photos before - they're very natural and candid of her just hanging out on the French Riviera having fun.

Melissah xox

Images via IMBd

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Kate L. said...

Great pics! Thanks for following me and I just followed you back:) Have a great day!


AS Style & Design said...

We also love BB style, she is beautiful!!!!
Following you back.
Kisses honey

Gabriela and Chris said...

Beautiful woman!

kakang kokong said...

nice & cool, love it...mobil sedan corolla

Mebel Jepara said...

Nice Your Women

Toko Furniture said...
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