22 August, 2012

Collect and Create



Collect and create
Collect things that inspire you.
Surround yourself with objects, books and art you love.
Having things around me I love
 has always been a great inspiration for upcoming projects.

Follow your heart, follow your interest, pursue your passions. 

Over the past few years I have collected shells, driftwood,
magazine clippings, books on fashion and design.
I make scrapbooks, shell artwork and homemade cards.

All of these creative little hobbies are good for the soul!

Melissah xox

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beachcomber said...

lovely ideas!

dreaming en francais said...

Loved this post! I don't think I have anything in particular that I collect.. I do pick up (and save) magazines in different languages from the countries I travel to, though, so I guess that's something!


Vicky said...

I love to collect and reuse, very good ideas!
XX Vicky

bec said...

Beautiful jars...great collection.
Bec x

Anonymous said...

Wow great ideas, these all look amazing!


paisleysummer said...

Love the bottles and jars filled with things x

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

These are great ideas for shells from vacations as an example. A sort of "vacation memories in a jar."

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