24 August, 2012

Mythical Greece

Greek Islands


I'm heading off to my favourite Greek restaurant tonight.
I am in the mood for holidays, travel and all things summery
so the Greek restaurant up the road seemed like an affordable option!
It has white washed walls, blue accents and is set on the beach overlooking the ocean.
It has a rustic, authentic feel about it and it reminds me of the Greek islands.
I am looking forward to salty, pan-fried Saganaki for starters
and tucking into some freshly caught seafood for main.
If there's room, a little dessert would be a perfect way to finish the evening!

Happy Weekend!

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 34 by Coastal Style, 5, 6

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beachcomber said...

it sounds like a great spot for dinner!
i love greek food too.

paisleysummer said...

Love that top shot and all the blues x

Miss Laia said...

Melissah this post is awesome,wonderful pictures I would love to go to Greece soon, that beach is amazing.
I was talking about Mamma Mia that is located in a beautiful Greek island.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oooo I looooove Greek food too Melissah. I'll never forget the Greek restaurant in Port Douglas, where we dined numerous times on our honeymoon. Absolutely divine! Hope you have a great night out and get a little feeling of holiday out of going there also xo

Kate L. said...

beautiful post:) Have a great weekend!


Susan said...

I hope you had a lovely evening at the Geek restaurant.

When I lived in Chicago, I lived 3 blocks from Greektown, so my son and I would often walk down there to get some Greek food. I miss that!

Seaside Style said...

Thanks for your sweet words. I am remiss in not getting in touch with you sooner about your win! Congrats!!! I loved Greece! I went when I was 21 wish I appreciated it more then. Go if you get the chance!



Vicky said...

I love these beautiful selection of images representing Greece,I wish you a happy night:)

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