23 September, 2012

Summer Ready

Oh my gosh - it's that time of the year when the panic sets in. Summer is only just around the corner and the big question is 'have we got ourselves in shape for summer, swimwear and days at the beach'? The magazines and papers are full of advice, tips, diets and exercise regimes. That all seems far too hard to me. I prefer the gradual, less drastic approach and I try to eat well all year round and keep up the exercise right through winter. Boring, I know but when it comes to summer I'm always glad I've done the hard yards. I find routine and good habits are easier to stick too than fad diets and bursts of exercise. Which approach do you take?
Melissah xox

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Scandi Coast Home said...

I take the kaftan approach ;o)
Tania xx

Melissa said...

I love all these beautiful beach inspiration pictures! Too bad it just turned autumn here in the States... :/

<3 Melissa

paisleysummer said...

It wouldn't matter which approach I took, I never have and never will, look like that!! x

Rachel said...

Summer just ended in New York! I am so sad and am already waiting for next summer to come!!

xo Rachel


Buttons Apart said...

Unfortunately summer just ended in the uk and its gone way to cold, looking at pics makes me wish i was at the beach!


Shaz said...

I love Tania;s comment - I like the kaftan approach too. You can probably tell by my last "Camilla" post. LOL. Although I like your approach, consistency is the key.

Lucie said...

Hallo Melissah, thanks. I am so happy that I find this blog....as here in midle of Europe is starting autumn...all pictures which are here bring much nicer mood! I will be happy to come again for more inspiration! Have a greate time!

Priscilla said...

Very Inspiring dear,Good Job!

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I'll appreciate it so much! Thanks!

Blow A Rainbow


The enchanted home said...

Well lucky for me bikini woes are a thing of the past and we get to go into hibernation mode with fall and winter at our doorstep....ahh but seeing these summer pictures makes me long for a beach day!

Mama of 2 boys said...

I endeavour to do the gradual approach Melissah but thus year I've been very naughty with my eating habits. Working on it all now though, hoping to get a lovely new swimsuit in time for the hot Summer days xo

Anonymous said...

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