15 September, 2012

Tips To Improve Your Decorating Style

Following is a few handy tips to improve your       beach house style!

Mix It Up

The most interesting rooms mix cultures and periods. I love an unexpected mix of styles, colours and patterns in a room. There is a lot of cookie cutter decorating out there so you want to create spaces that are unique and individual that truly represent you and your family.

Choose Colors That Reflect You


Forget trends - select a colour palette that you really love and reflects your personality. This way you are less likely to tire of it. Quite often it will mirror the colours of your favourite pieces in your wardrobe.

Decorate With What You Love


A beach house should reflect your interests, favourite sports and hobbies. By decorating with furniture, artwork, accessories and hobbies that you love this will add character and warmth to your home and give it individuality. My house is decorated with 3 vintage surfboards which reflects my husband's passion for surfing and the very reason why we live by the beach.

Create Beauty by Contrast

The juxtaposition of humble and fine materials creates intrigue and keeps a room feeling interesting and exciting. I love the mix of the limewashed timber bed, the driftwood fish and the vintage oar against the crisp white linen and the bright aqua throw. The combination of these elements really makes the room really pop.

Choose Furniture With Curves


Round shapes, such as the living room's drum shade, coffee table and ottoman make a space feel inviting. They soften the edges of a room and make a house more lovable and livable.

Keep Seating Neutral

Stay away from large pieces upholstered in a bold color or busy pattern — it will make a room feel heavier, more enclosed and you are more likely to get sick of it sooner. Choose a sofa in neutral colour that will stand the test of time and can be easily updated or freshened up with new throws and scatter cushions.

Make a Statement in the Entry

First impressions count! I think you need to make a strong statement in entry halls — to give an indicator of what you'll expect to see in the rest of the house. You want your guests to feel excited and intrigued from the moment they walk in the door!

Include Some Whimsy

Little surprises keep a house from becoming too serious, afterall a beach house is designed for fun, entertaining and relaxation. Select some pieces with a sense of humour or an unexpected twist to lighten the mood of the house.

Melissah xox

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circleofchaos said...

Wonderful post.^^
Have a nice weekend!!!
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Nantucket Daffodil said...

Sigh. These photos make me wish I could hit the lottery.

beachcomber said...

great tips! & lovely images.

Scandi Coast Home said...

Well said......Melissah.
I am in the middle of a painting project so you've inspired me to keep going!!! ;o)
Tania xx

Desire Empire said...

Agree with everything. The neutral seating one is a must. So much easier to change the cushions and throws rather than the lounge suite.

Hope you are well and happy.

LoLy said...

I love it, I Looooooooooooove blue and white


paisleysummer said...

I want that little bedroom up in the attic! x

Cinnamon and White Chocolate said...

Great tips, can be included to houses and flats in general. Like those pictures, specially tho one where they made a part of bed with old paddles! Great idea! Ilina

Mama of 2 boys said...

That boat in the last pic is fabulous Melissah! Love these tips, if I had a beach house, I would definitely be using some of these... for now, I'll just try to adapt them to my little terrace home :) xo

Vicky said...

I love all, of them but if I have to choose... it would neutral colors can create a space that is soothing, sophisticated and warm.

Anonymous said...

what is the width of the table in in dining area? starting a remodel and wanting to make my own table to fit the space. I like how yours fits

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

Sorry I don't know as it's not my house.

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