17 October, 2012

Beach House Decorating Tips

Beachside living is all about lifestyle - living the dream of having a house by the water. This blog is all about embracing coastal living and all that it has to offer ~ gorgeous beach houses, decorating tips, beach fashion style, delicious seafood, summertime treats and healthy living. It's about entertaining outside and celebrating the great outdoors.

Here a few insider tips on creating a chic coastal look for your beach house:-

Go Natural

Wherever you can, go natural. Bring the beauty of nature inside with bamboo, rattan and cane furniture; jute or seagrass matting and any other textured, natural material that comes to mind. Often these materials are more affordable and help to create a relaxed, coastal feel to your home. Natural colours and finishes also work well as a backgrond canvas to coloured accents.

A Splash of Colour

Introduce colour against a background of white or neutral tones. Colour is a personal choice and the options are unlimited. Choose a colour combination to suit your personality and lifestyle - this may be soft muted shades of the sea, a classic navy and white palette with perhaps a splash of red, or it could be a bright pop of colour like turquoise. The choice is yours but colour will add interest and dimension to your decor scheme.

Make it White

White works wonders in a beach house. White paint on the walls, ceilings and furniture keeps rooms crisp, clean and bright. White paint also makes a room feel larger and it let's the light bounce freely off the surfaces giving a light, airy feel to the space. White sofas and chairs always look fabulous and beachy but make sure they can easily be unzipped or slipped off and washed otherwise they will be your worst nightmare!!

Gifts from the Sea

Don't overdo it - but use the gifts from the sea! Seashells, coral and sea fans are natural wonders and are the perfect accessories to fill your shelves, lay atop books on a coffee table, decorate bathrooms, mantels and occasional tables.

The Element of Surprise

Beach houses should be fun - allow your sense of humour and wit to show through. Be bold and bring in an unexpected element like a surfboard, some vintage oars or an interesting collection. Make a statement in one or two rooms. Introduce a splash of colour throughout the house to keep the mood light and upbeat ... afterall it is a 'holiday' house!

Create A Lifestyle

Embrace the lifestyle. Build a fabulous deck overlooking the water, pool or garden, invest in some great outdoor furniture that you love, hang up a swing, a hammock or a cane hanging chair... then kick back and relax with a glass or wine and a good book!

Melissah xox

Inspired by Seaside Style

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Melissah I love every photo xT

indie by heart said...

Amazing inspiration! Even for my house in the city :)

Indie by heart

Anonymous said...

Loved your post. Great pictures especially the bathrooms. Loved them! Giulia.x

Susan @ Afford Your Passions said...

Yes, please - when can I move in?

When you get back to Victoria, please visit my blog - I've just moved to a new site, and would love it if you would bookmark it - www.affordyourpassions.net

Punctuation Mark said...

I love it... Such a beautiful color palette!

villa-rosengarten & cockerlove said...

Wow, wow!!! Very inspiring pictures. With a turquoise touch, I love everyone! Thanks so much for showing them. Hug, Barbara

Becky {This Is Happiness} said...

Great tips and very pretty pics!

Kristin Peake Interiors said...

These pictures are gorgeous. I will say that the first photo of the tiled bathroom stuck out to me the most, so tranquil and gorgeous. Love your blog! Feel free to stop by whenever you get a free moment and have a wonderful day :)



Carla Tomas said...

Great tips, Melissah!!!
xo Carla


Johnson Karen said...

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