27 October, 2012

Ocean Blues


I have been back a few days now from my lovely tropical holiday and despite the fact I come back to gorgeous Spring weather, a pretty seaside town, pristine beaches, a lush green garden and peaceful, tranquil surroundings I am still suffering from the post holiday blues - why is that? What's wrong with me??? I have so much to be grateful for. Work has died off because all my clients knew I was off on holidays so I think I just need an exciting project to get stuck into and get the creative juices flowing. Anyway I managed to cheer myself up by organising my summer holidays, making some plans for Christmas and flicking through some old photo albums. I think I am missing those seafood buffets so I might just cook up some Atlantic salmon with an avocado and mango salad to transport us back to balmy evenings dining on the terrace at the Mirage!   

Melissah xox

Credits:  Swimwear other images via Haute Design, beach scene Port Douglas

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LoLy said...

Lovely :)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Melissah, I can understand the post holiday blues, it's always so hard when you've had such a wonderful time away, to have to come back to reality and all of it's mundane chores etc... These images are stunning and hopefully made you feel a little brighter too xo

Punctuation Mark said...

The sky here is grey so I'm loving all this light and sun... Have a nice one!

Susan @ Afford Your Passions said...

{{{hugs}}} - I'm sorry about the post holiday blues!

A salad with salmon, avocado and mango sounds lovely, though!

I hope you get an exciting project to work on soon!

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