15 December, 2012

Beach Culture


   Living the dream! 

Jump in the Mini Moke and head for the beach.
An early morning surf is the best way to start the day.
As the sun climbs higher in the sky,
escape from the soaring heat and
relax in the inviting cool shade of the back deck
 Grab a icy cold drink and chill out for the afternoon!

Melissah xox 

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B is building a house said...

Happy Saturday :)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Yep! Sounds like the perfect Summer plan to me Melissah. We love getting into the beach culture rut around this time of year... there has never been a better rut to be in ;)
Loving that green and white stripy bikini, gorgeous! xo

Anonymous said...

Hi there!! Just dropping by to say I luuurve your blogs!! They are always such a 'visual feast'!! and so inspiring!! Keep up the good work!! Will we get to see more of your new house!?

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