18 December, 2012

Holiday Treats


With summer on our doorstep and kids on school holidays I am always on the lookout for fun, holiday treats for special occasions. Our house is normally free of biscuits, cookies, chocolate and sweets but every once in a while I will whip up a batch of something yummy for a special treat. It's usually because we are going on a picnic or have visitors. A few of the kids all time favourites are homemade ice-cream, chocolate chip cookies. chocolate crackles and caramel slice is my personal fave!.

Melissah xox

Images via Meadow Brook Farm

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beachcomber said...

lovely images! love the blues and aquas.

Karen said...

Send some chocolate crackles this way, those cookies look delicious too. When my son was younger, he is now 27, gosh, chocolate crackles were the go and icecream, bickies and the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

Love the sound of the home made ice cream, yum. xT

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