09 December, 2012

Summer Pool Party

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Elegant summer lunches, sipping Perrier ~
an afternoon swim and
vodka martinis late afternoon ... just perfect!

Pool Chic 1

I am not a lady who lunches,
wish I was though ....
I am always rushing around in a mad panic
going from client, to architect to supplier,
no time for lunch 
or at best a sausage roll from the servo between appointments!
I really wish I had more time to be glamorous,
having lunch with friends ....
smoked salmon and a glass of chilled white wine,
laughter, gossip and a cool dip in the pool
Must work on all of this!

Melissah xox

Images via Camille Styles, 2 & 3 by Coastal Style

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Nantucket Daffodil said...

I'm with you...always so busy...I do yearn for that glamorous wine and cheese with a client lunch...all dressed up in my fancies...perhaps somewhere in Paris....

Karen said...

Looks fab, I always tell people to take time out for lunch, just doesn't work out that way most of the time.
Have a great day.

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