29 December, 2012

Summer Shimmer

with these expert tips on how to pull off shimmering highlighter... 

(Seriously, you'll be amazed at the difference these tips will make!!!!)

Let skin glow. For a subtle sheen, mix a pea-size drop of highlighter with foundation in your palm before applying. The right shade leaves only a glow on the skin—as opposed to depositing colour. Usually, this means silvery pink for fair skin, golden tints for olive skin, and bronze highlighter for dark skin.

Define your cheekbones. Apply a shimmery powder with a big, fluffy brush to just the highest point of your cheekbones, and blend. Remember to apply it after blush, so your cheeks aren't lighter than the rest of your face.

Strike a balance. If your makeup plan involves strong, smoky eyes, highlighter can add a radiance to your skin that will keep you from looking too goth. Try dusting a shimmering nude powder on the cheekbones, chin, and above the bow of the mouth for a look that's “an extreme version of natural.”

Brighten your eyes. For wide-open eyes, use a thin brush to dab a light, a shimmery shadow into the inner corners of your eyes. Then, keeping the brush as close to the lower lash line as possible, drag it outward to create a very thin line.

Pucker up. Highlighter can even give lipstick a boost. I Choose a highlighter close to your skin tone, with just a hint of shimmer. Apply a dot on your lips, spread it with your finger, and then swipe on a layer of your lipstick. Use a lip brush to add more of either product for your desired shade.

Don't forget the rest. A touch of shimmer isn't just for your face: you can also massage a dot of pearlized cream into the shoulders and collarbones - focus on the tops of the bones so it looks like the light is catching them. For a finishing touch, slather your legs with tinted moisturiser and runs highlighter down the shin bones.

Melissah xox

{Pic: Bella Mumma / Source: Allure}

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Mrs C said...

Great tips Melisah! I could use some of them :)

Kisses and hugs from :

coco said...

Happy New Year !!!!!

Denisa said...

Great Tip:)


CoolFahionStyle said...

great advice, I will try to follow them to the best!



The enchanted home said...

Fun post..I am all for shimmer. I have the best highlighter stick by Nars that I use all the time, not only on my face but on my shoulders too....its such a great product. I agree in the impact of a little shimmer, goes a long way! Wishing you a wonderful and happy 2013!

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