26 January, 2013

The Perfect Beach Day

beach vibe

Today is a perfect beach day.
I'll arm myself with towel, hat, sunscreen, mags and beach bag.
It's the only place I truly relax and unwind
and it's the only place where the kids can amuse themselves all day long
without spending a cent!
It there's no winging, whining and fighting
they are rewarded with an ice-cream
so that always guarantees good behavior!
We trapse home sandy, salty and bedraggled
but pleased with our day of fun in the sun!

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2-4 fashion story by Coastal Style
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Despina T. said...

beautiful summer pics.i wish summer was near.lovely set too.that bikini in the first pic is so perfect!

anita said...

sounds (and looks:) perfect to me!!

beachcomber said...

gorgeous pics! love the muted colour.

Mrs C said...

The whole house is anticipating our vacation next month.. this pictures are making us anxious!

Greetings from Dubai!

Le BHCH said...

hope you had a delightful day : ) best le

The enchanted home said...

This has me craving summer, with out 10 degrees outside...ahh the sun, warm air and beach sound soooo good!

CULTstyle said...

Beautiful photos


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh such divine photos Melissah and I truly agree, beach days are the BEST! We were so bummed that the long weekend was a wash out, as we'd planned beach time. Though with the devastation on the east coast here, can't really complain about missing out on that little luxury xo

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