11 January, 2013

Beach Skincare


Because I spend a lot of time at the beach it's essential that
I look after my skin and follow a good daily skincare routine.

After a day at the beach my skin is a scary combination of 
sea salt, sunscreen and salt - on top of that add a layer of make-up to my face
 so it's very important that I follow the 3 simple, golden rules of skincare :-

cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise.

Here are few easy tips on cleansing to keep your skin super-smooth and soft...



1. LESS IS MORE - washing your face twice a day is more than enough.

2. BE GENTLE - use a mild, creamy cleanser that maintains the normal pH balance of your skin and protects it from pollutants in the environment.

3. COVER ALL BASES - smooth your cleanser all over your face - 
including along the hairline and over eyebrows 
- otherwise dandruff and oiliness can develop.

4. DON'T SCRUB - if you do scrub your skin you can remove the cells before they’re ready 
-  which can cause blood vessels to surface, protective oils to be stripped
and a reddening or chapping of the skin. 

5. BE COOL - rinse cleanser off with tepid – not blood-vessel-popping water hot – water. 
Finish with a rinse of cool- not freezing – water.

6. MOISTURISE WHEN MOIST - give your moisturiser some help by applying it soon after 
rinsing, while skin is still damp

Melissah xox 

{Source: Bella Mumma (modified)}

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Princess said...

Great tips. I found out that using a good moisturizer with sunblock in the beach like IS Daily Defense line works too.

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