04 January, 2013

Breaking The Rules - Decorating Tips on a Budget

Forget the expected - rethink the rulebook of decorating. 
Read on for heaps of inspiration and lots of clever and creative ideas...

When I walk into a space, I want the room to feel welcoming and inviting. I think it should reflect the owner's personality, their passions and interests. I love the concept of 'emotive decorating', which is contrary to the rulebook approach. I like to create spaces that make my clients feel happy and relaxed, and aren't just about displaying the latest "it" chair. Decorating should be a fun process, and rooms should reflect that.

Rule breaker #1: embrace colour


These days, clients are very nervous about using colour. With neutral tones playing such a key role in today's modern decorating schemes we have all become afraid of colour. So I say, splash it around and have some fun with it - afterall we are talking about a beach house here! In order not to overdo it - restrict  it to one or two colours and keep it balanced with lots of white or neutrals.

Rule breaker #2: paint everything!

Paint is your best friend. It is a cheap way to freshen up a house and give it a new look. A coat of paint can make a world of difference to a tired looking house. Paint everything :- walls, ceilings - even floors! A great way of breathing new life into vintage or unwanted furniture is to slap on a coat of paint. White is always a fool proof winner or have some fun with a soft, beachy tone like these pale blue timber shutters.

Rule breaker #3: the three Rs

I am a big believer in the three Rs: reupholster, repaint and revamp. Rework and re-invent pieces that you no longer use or love. Rather than going out and paying big dollars for a new piece - hunt around for furniture and accessories with character in antique shops, thrift stores, garage sales and on the sale tables. I shop for furniture from shops that sell ex-display furniture and I always manage to find a bargain or two!

Rule breaker #4: rethink spaces

Bathrooms and kitchens can be expensive to renovate. Use your imagination and think of creative,  decorative tricks that will add personality to the room but won't cost a fortune. Think freestanding furniture rather than built-in joinery and funky accessories like ottomans and bamboo towel ladders.

Rule breaker #5: layer up


Contrary to the popular, minimalist look that we are seeing with clean lined, pared back interiors when it comes to your beach house why don't you layer it up for a cosy, lived in feel. 

Rule breaker #6: supersize scale

Playing with scale scares clients but mixing up the scale and sizes of pieces adds individuality and interest to a room. Incorporating unexpectedly larger scaled pieces into a room lightens the mood, adds an element of whimsy and feels more relaxed. In order to not overdo the look only 'supersize' one piece in each room.

Rule breaker #7: triple your lights

One of the most important element in a room is lighting. Make sure you make the most of the natural light then incorporate different types of artificial light. Light creates warmth and ambience in a home - you can never have too many lights!. Hunt around for interesting fittings and it will add design interest to your home. Think about incorporating a mix of various lighting sources such as pendants, wall lights, step lights and downlights. Also put some thought into decorative lighting such as table lamps and floor lamps.
Melissah xox

Inspiration: Real Living, images via Coastal Style Pinterest

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Karyn said...

Love to come home to that blue door & blue chair ! Although I do come home to a hot pink door. That is the extent of my bright paint choices though. I love your ideas , will have to work on it !
Karyn x

Amy K said...

Great tips.

Much Love

SuzyMcQ said...

Brilliant post, Melissah! So pretty, so practical, so simple....just my style. I'm sure it was lots of work to come up with all these great tips, but you make it seem seamless and straightforward. Thank you so, so much! Great inspiration for the new year!

Karen said...

Love all the white and pale blue Melissa, good decorating tips too. Not everyone can afford to buy designer furniture.
Have a great day.

http://deco4life.blogspot.com said...

Wow - love this post. It is very interesting, inspiring and each rule breaker so true! That is what I do and I will do all the time! Thanks for all your decorating tips! Hugs, Barbara

Mrs C said...
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Unknown said...

Always love budget tips!

HayleySarah said...

omg I just love these calming beachy colours. Have never thought to use these influences but think I will give it a go in my new bathrooms. Love this blog and all the lovely images you put up! :)

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