09 January, 2013

Summer Goodness



My favourite season for fresh produce is without a doubt summer.
Nothing beats juicy, ripe stone fruit,
a bowl of cold cherries,
refreshing watermelon on a hot summer's day
healthy salads packed full of goodness
or luscious strawberries for an afternoon snack.

Melissah xox

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Milo and Mitzy said...

Ohhh my!! Some definite summer goodness right there. Love that top image. Amy x

The Silver Bunny said...

Aaah ! It's starting to be bitterly cold here, I needed those pictures !x

Becky {This Is Happiness} said...

cold and wet here, but these gorgeous pictures have me dreamy of summer! hope your new year is starting off well :)

Trendy Bow said...

Hello sweetie, so glad I've found your blog, I'm already following and keep visiting you cause I really like it :D So nice blog, I really need summer right now ;)
I leave you my blog just in case you want to visit me someday :D


Laura Dittrich said...

All those are exactly my favourite fruits. Too bad I can't find even one of them in the supermarket over here in the middle of winter, but they are healthy and delicious for sure. x

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