06 January, 2013

Summer Is ....

Summer is...

  • Travelling to a faraway place, to discover something new.
  • Sitting under a big shady tree in the heat of a summer afternoon.
  • Freshly mown grass, sprinklers and listening to crickets in the backyard.
  • Balmy nights spent entertaining in the great outdoors with friends and family.
  • Stepping from the beach onto the grass with sand between your toes.
  • The lightest of fabrics allowing the sea breeze to cool your sun-kissed skin.
  • Endless summer days with nothing to do but stop and take in your surroundings.
  • Rich, glossy green foliage contrasting against bright, tropical flowers.
  • The cool sea breeze at the end of a hot summer's day.   
  • The relaxed, slower pace of life.  


Melissah xox

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{Inspired by Tim Neve - Editor Coastal Home Magazine}

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