03 January, 2013

Summer Skincare Tips


You and your skin are younger now than will ever be again, 
so enjoy the way you look today and take time to 
look after one of your most important assets
Living by the beach can take it's toll on your skin - 
salt, wind and sun all have damaging effects
 so that's why we need to vigilant with looking after our skin,
so it's soft, healthy, youthful and nourished.

 .... here are few clever tips to help you on your way.



Smearing on product after product might make you think you're doing the best for your skin, but it isn't worth the effort—or the money. 
Actually, the more treatments you use, the more likely you're to develop an allergy or irritation - plus the products won't work as well. 
A balanced approach is a better option—so focus on a couple products with the ingredients your skin needs most. 


Never  rub moisturiser into your face, pat it on. 
Rubbing actually takes it off your skin and disperses it in different places.
 Patting it on helps the skin soak it up.
Now you know!



Letting skin marinate in makeup - not to mention a day's worth of oil buildup - can lead to clogged pores and blemishes, especially if you're prone to oily skin. Your body temperature increases slightly when you sleep, which can enhance absorption of whatever's on the surface - so you really want only beneficial ingredients on your face when you sleep. And another thing to remember ~ the longer your cleanser is left on your skin, the drier your skin will become - so always rinse after 60 seconds. 

Melissah xox 

{Source: Bella Mumma (modified)}

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Tina Barros said...

great post, very useful! :)

xx Tina, http://barrostina.blogspot.com/

Katrina from The Block said...

Thanks for the tips. I have such dry skin and am always trying to keep it moist.

Addislopez said...

Your blog is good source of learning about skin care. I have got many informative information from here. Thanks for sharing.

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Best Skin Care Products said...

Good tips for face care. Drink 8 glass of daily also help in look good.

Kashfiya said...

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It is very important to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.

Nelson Jaken said...

That's nice! i love it. I never knew it before but now I know! Thanks.
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Mike Walden Program said...

We’d like to share with you 8 of our favorite natural beauty tips using wholesome, edible ingredients

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To have naturally good skin health, you will have to do the right kind of workout and you will need to be careful with your meals. Getting sufficient sleep and understanding how hormones interact will also be helpful. Take your time to choose the routine that you feel comfortable with and stick to it.

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