16 February, 2013

Affordable Decorating Ideas

Here are some clever decorating ideas to freshen up your beach house
without blowing the budget!

1. Give it a lick paint.
Breathe new life into a tired or unwanted piece of furniture by giving it a lick
of paint in white or a splash of colour.

2. Give an outdated lamp a top-down makeover. 
A stylish white drum shade can modernise any old lamp base.

3. The $2 secret to beautifully stocked bookshelves: 
Scour thrift stores, garage sales and op shops for hardbacks
for a fraction of the cost of a new book
then arrange them by color for extra pizzazz.

4. Empty frames offer endless potential. 
It's easy to score these castoffs at junk shops for next to nothing.
 A coat of paint and an interesting display and suddenly they become a showpiece!

5. Group dime-a-dozen accessories for major impact. 
A single item won't have much 'wow factor' 
but a whole collection of similar ones makes a big statement.

6. Shop vintage and second hand. 
Think outside the square and hunt around for vintage pieces, antique bargains and second hand dealers for pre-loved furniture with character than can be
painted, refinished, reupholstered and re-vamped!

7. Art doesn't have to cost a fortune. 
Buy cheap posters from Ikea and frame them up stylishly in white box frames or recycled frames. One step better, make your own artwork - I make shell collages for a fraction of the cost of what I can buy them for.

8. The frugal fix for homely floors? Paint. 
Getting in a professional or even sanding and polishing floorboards on your own is an expensive exercise. As a cheaper alternative, simply clean floors then apply a few coats of a self-priming, cheap white floor paint ... and volia!

9. Expand your seating options.
Even affordable dining-room chairs become exorbitant, once you calculate how many you need to surround a table. Use mis-matched furniture and paint them in 'beachy' colours.

10. Feel free to scrimp on shelving. 
Bookcases can cost lots of money - 
think outside the square for clever innovative shelving ideas.

11. Why pay a premium for matchy-matchy pieces?
When pairs of lamps, chairs, and side tables get separated,
their prices usually plummet. 
Shop at sale time for the best bargains.

12. Keep it local when deal-hunting online.  
Finding a $20 chair on eBay seems like a coup 
— until you factor in the cost of shipping it cross-country. 
So search for bargains locally.

Melissah xox

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I like that lamp idea - thanks!

I have ugly stained and varnished kitchen cabinets. Ay suggestions on how to update them? I can't afford new ones.

Le BHCH said...

great ideas ... now just to find the time :) best le xox

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

Kim, I would sand them back & paint them - white is a foolproof colour choice - looks fresh, bright & clean.

Rani @ La Maison Jolie said...

Super post and very helpful! Love it! Especially the second last picture. Thanks Melissah!

Buttons Apart said...

Some great tips!

Sita xx

http://deco4life.blogspot.com said...

Hi Melissah - what wonderful tipps, you laways have on your beautiful blog ! Really inspiring to me, so that I would like to change everything! A question: you d0n't like black at all, don't you?
On my side, I love the contrasts black & white, or black and pastel colour!
Great weekend, love, Barbara

Vicky said...

I like all your ideas!!
Xx Vicky

Mrs C said...

I like the books idea, i can see it working :)

Snap shots from Seychelles are out! Check them out!

Nola Grasby said...

Great post as usual. So many great ideas-we love this. Decorating on a budget doesn't have to be boring especially with these great ideas-please keep them coming.

Beach House Living said...

Love them all....wish the house was larger to have one of everything.

Miss Sofie´s Nest said...

Wonderful ideas, thx for sharing them

:-) Miss S

paisleysummer said...

Love all these! x

Diane said...

Para has an excellent cabinet and furniture paint that holds up well and can be mixed to any color. Use a gripper primer first.

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