23 April, 2013

Beach House Lighting

Pendant Lights

Table Lamps


Because lighting makes such a statement in a room, it should be incorporated into a design scheme at the very beginning. Think about placing a feature pendant light in a key position to create a dramatic focal point. Also consider wall lights, picture lights and step lights when laying out your electrical plan. Don't forget to put all key lighting on dimmers to create the right kind of ambiance when required. There is a huge range of contemporary fittings out there so take your time to find great pieces to compliment your decor scheme. Consider textured, organic and vintage fittings to create a point of difference. Shop around for some great ambient lighting like table lamps and floor lamps to create a lovely, relaxed mood at night time.   

Melissah xox

Image Beachcomber, lighting via Hermon and Hermon

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Love the driftwood lamps. Thanks for the cool idea. We may try to do this in my daughters lake house bedroom.

designchic said...

Just love the hanging fixtures in your image...dreaming of lazy summer days at the beach!

Tonja Besler said...

Hi Melissah, beautiful lights. I love driftwood in all variations and as a lamp espacially.
I was very happy that you follow my blog. Because your blog is my absolute favorite blog. Every morning (with my first Coffee) i have a short stop at the beach in Australia:-)
Greetings from Tonja by Zeitgeist Living

Serendipitous Home said...

Ah lighting, my absolutely favourite topic, problem is too many beautiful fixtures and not enough rooms to put them in!


Mama of 2 boys said...

Ooo lovely lights. The one thing that drives me a bit batty about our house are all the varying light fittings the previous owners installed. Large bulbs, small bulbs, multiple bulbs on the one light fitting. If I had my choice, I'd go back to basics with the same or similar bulbs right through the entire house. Sounds simple and obvious... but clearly it wasn't to whoever installed our lights! xo

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