15 April, 2013

Ocean Fresh


As a little girl I used to hate the taste of fish, fishing and the smell of fish.
It's funny how your taste changes over the years.
Now that I live on the coast ~
I love freshly caught fish and seafood
I really enjoy a day out fishing and
one of favouite speciality dishes is crispy-skinned pan fried Atlantic Salmon.
I usually cook it in summer when I can open up all the doors and windows
because I'm still a bit funny about fishy smells!

Melissah xox

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Laurelle @ Coastal Shore Creations said...

Mmmmmm! It's great how you've come to appreciate fish. I eat only fish/shellfish or vegetarian dishes. I posted a recipe for coconut crusted tilapia which was really good, if that sort of thing whets your appetite!

Elen Ellis said...

Lovely pics! My favourite: the last:)
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