20 April, 2013

Quirky East Coast Condo


Orange Crush

A masculine apartment on the East Coast

An East Coast condo on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the perfect location for a modern, masculine bachelor pad with a touch of vintage. The zesty pop of orange gives the place a sense of fun and creates a bright, happy and casual environment. The house is full of inexpensive, fun quirky ideas - like the open metal shelving and the orange chandelier in the kitchen. It just goes to prove a little bit of imagination can go a long way ... how cute are those framed flippers!

Melissah xox 

source : BHG

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Anita - a comfy haven said...

gorgeous love this apartment. the colors are beautiful and so tropical . Such great unique touches.

Tibs said...

So relaxed and bright!
Have you seen the orange condo i made some time ago?


Limes Smiles said...

I love this bright orange combined with other colours it's really pretty!

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