02 June, 2013

Happy Feelings






Things that make me happy in daily life are :-
beach days, new clothes, cute cars, blogging and ice-cream.
But the happiness that comes from deep within is a different kind altogether.
Here are 12 things that we can all start to do today to feel happier in our lives!
1. Think positively
2. Practice acts of kindness  
3. Express gratitude
4. Be proud of what you have achieved 
5. Nurture your relationships with friends, family and loved ones  
6. Celebrate the little things and small achievements
7. Make goals and commit to them
8. Exercise, eat well and take care of your body
9. Be grateful for what you have
10. Learn to forgive 
11. Smile  
12. Savour life’s joys

Melissah xox

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Cassandra Too said...

I like your tips! Just as when I needed it! :D

with love, Cassandra xx

Jo said...

positive thinking makes wonders, but sometimes I have to help yourself with cakes;)

Stylishbeachhome.com said...

Found you through a Pin on Pinterest. You have some really beautiful stuff on here! Come visit us if you'd like.

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